Creative Wall Decorating Ideas for Living Room

In the event that you could just pick one room in your home to put your complete self into planning, the living room would beat the rundown. It’s that cherished (and frequently beyond reach) space that sets the tone for your whole enriching style. The key to taming a searing red? Equalization it with pops of white. A sprinkling of pigeon white divider accents with the white chimney, seat rail, and foot stool hold the striking shading in line.

The secret to blending examples is to pick a shading topic here, reds, tans, and soul and to utilize enormous swaths of strong shading (the chestnut couch, red seats, and green stool) to stay the space.

You can pack a great deal into your living room even an eating set in the event that you keep furniture from measuring the space down. Lucite feasting seats, an open-weave end table, and an unhampered mass of windows keeps this room from feeling cramped.

Creative Living Room Wall Decoration Examples




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